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accessible to


All Bodies.

All Abilities.

Disabled bodies like to go out too,

have fun - and rightfully want clothing to be stylish, accessible, and functional so we can feel confident in our own skin.

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We saw a problem and we’re solving it right now.

We want you to be a part of the solution.

the problem

Fashion students are on the hook to pay not only for books for other coursework, but also the fabric for their fashion courses. This can get extremely costly - and college is pricy enough.

Major brands still have also not got the message that everyone has a right to fashion --- and we want adaptive clothing to be something you find without trying really hard.

the solution

The GCR Adaptive Project was founded to give students money to pay for fabric to creative adaptive clothing. By investing in our students, we’re also teaching them how to create accessible clothing for all people, including individuals with disabilities.

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